Aromatherapy – Essential oils
The most relaxing aromatic experience for all of the senses, relieving muscle tension, stress and aches in the problem areas with deep strokes and natural essential oils. Stimulates overall blood circulation. Choose from a variety of essential oils. Jasmine, Lavender, Frangipani.

60mins is 135k
90 mins is 200k
☎ : +62 813-3715-9977
Aromatherapy - essential oils
Organic ingredients & experienced Body workers

Traditional Spa Massages
Balinese Oil Massage 60min 125k
Balinese Oil Massage 90min 185k
Warm Stone Massage 90min 240k
Aromatherapy Massage 60min 135k
Aromatherapy Massage 90min 200k
Poultice Massage 120min 310k
Twin Massage 60min 260k
Thai Massage 75min 200k
Acupressure Massage 75min 200k
Medical Massage 90min 240k
Warm Soy Wax Massage 75min 200k