Ayurvedic Shirodhara Experience
Rhythmic Oil Ajna Chakra & Body Massage. The gentle pressure & soothing warmth of the oil allows the body, mind & nervous system to experience a deep state of rest. Finishes with a luxurious crème hair shampoo
ॐ Balance your Dosha’s and find harmony ॐ

120min Ayurvedic Shirodhara is 500k

Spa Day
Organic ingredients & experienced Body workers

Spa Packages designed for You
Five Star 1/2 Spa Day & Flower Bath 270min 745k
Five Star 1/2 Spa Day & Cream Bath 300min 760k
Classic Bali Spa Package 210min 445k
Herbal Scrub Package 210min 495k
Herbal Spa Bath Package 120min 380k
Flowers Spa Bath Package 120min 370k
Warm Stones Package 135min 400k
Relaxation Package 190min 490k